This Staggering Ballet Duet Set To Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ Is Just Daaaaamn

The Huffington Post
By Priscilla Frank

The following video is proof, yet again, that ballet dancers make pop music infinitely more powerful.

This gem, courtesy of Southern California’s Helios Dance Theater, features a passionate duet between dancers Princess Mecca Romero and Chris Stanley, busting it out to Sam Smith’s achingly poignant ballad “Stay With Me.”

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This Powerful Ballet Duet to ‘Stay With Me’ Will Leave Shivers Down Your Spine

People Magazine
By Alexandra Zaslow

If you’re looking for three minutes of passion, you’ve come to the right place.

Princess Mecca Romero (her first name is Princess) and Chris Stanley of theHelios Dance Theater in Southern California perform a stunning ballet duet set to Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” – and it’s just about as powerful as it gets.

With choreography by Laura Gorenstein Miller, the dancers rock minimal clothing as they float through an empty studio they manage to fill with big emotion.

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Ballet Duet To Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ Is Absolutely Breathtaking

By Gillian Fuller

It’s no secret that Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” is one hell of a tearjerker.

The pop ballad is powerful enough on its own, but when used as the soundtrack to a beautiful dance performance, it’s off-the-charts moving.

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This Ballet Duet Set to Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” Will Give You All Kinds of Chills

By Lynsey Eidell

It’s no secret that I love a good ballet video, especially ones set to popular music (I contributed an alarming number of views to the Hozier ballet vid). But in case you need more evidence to this can’t-lose combination—which should be right up there with french fries and ketchup and The Bachelor and white wine—behold: This simple-yet-stunning duet performed to Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.”


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This ballet duet to Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” is heart-crushingly gorgeous

Hello Giggles
By Gina Vaynshteyn

Seriously, this is SUCH a powerful representation of “Stay With Me.” It’s evocative, emotionally fluid, and stunningly melancholic. We highly recommend a box of tissues when you watch this.

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This Duo’s Dance to Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ Is Utterly Beautiful


An amazing dance duo, Princess Mecca Romero & Chris Stanley, from the Helios Dance Theater, performed an utterly beautiful routine choreographed by Laura Gorenstein Miller. The routine is full of amazing lifts and unbelievable technique (which makes us wonder HOW they can even move their bodies like that).

You did Sam Smith proud, you two.


This Duo’s Powerful Dance to Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ Is a Tearjerker
By Marc Inocencio

Sam Smith‘s breakout hit “Stay With Me” is an emotional lyrical piece in itself, but when the gospel-tinged ballad is expressed through the art of dance, it becomes something more poignant.

Seasoned dancers Princess Mecca Romero and Chris Stanley of the Helios Dance Theater delivered a beautiful dance number set to the In the Lonely Hour track, in which they perform powerful, athletic lifts, display their incredible technique, and evoke raw emotions all the while.

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Helios Dance Theater’s leader dream vividly

Los Angeles Times
Oct. 20, 2010
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Helios Dance Theater: Finding Romance in Monsters and Vampires

Los Angeles Times
Oct. 20, 2010
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Pick of the Week – Helios Dance Theater: Beautiful Monsters

LA Weekly
Oct. 23, 2010
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Vampires to Dance in Westwood on Saturday
Oct. 20, 2010
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Review of “The Lotus Eaters”

“A cornucopia of gorgeous dancing, divine choreography, dreamy music, and sexy costumes, ‘The Lotus Eaters’ is a 10-part, 75-minute journey into sensual abandon and fierce physicality.”

Dance Magazine
Apr. 3, 2009
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Back to Making Worlds Anew

“Breathtakingly fluid, gorgeously danced and sexy as hell, Laura Gorenstein Miller’s “The Quickening,” an ode to child-birth and its aftereffects, is a pure, body-driven work… choreography of a high order… Miller gave birth yet again Friday night… to a dance classic.”

Los Angeles Times
October 19, 2008
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“Miller’s approach translates into a well-crafted balance of inward retrospection and physical risk, with such yummy Helios dancers as pintsized powerhouse Maria Gillespie and the assured Diana Mehoudar succumbing and defying their inner turmoil as they whip and fly about… arching backward to impossible depths at one turn, then, in the next, vehemently wrenching torsos and limbs forward as if to exorcise every last vulnerability those arches implied.”
LA Weekly

“In a potent, near-flawless blend of humor and pathos, Helios Dance Theater, directed and choreographed by Laura Gorenstein, once again burst through the boundaries of everyday life…”
Los Angeles Times 

“Gorenstein’s pieces – with the help of her versatile and skilled dancers – are like those ornate treasures crafted by imperial artisans for the Romanovs. Each layer of the work hides another more intricate layer with further visual delights.”
Los Angeles Times

“Helios Dance Theater lit up California State University at Northridge’s stage with the multifaceted dances choreographed by its director, Laura Gorenstein Miller. They ranged from outre humor to relational affection to otherworldly mysticism. Her choreography has an individual stamp and fits a single vision.”
Dance Magazine

“Tears were shed in the audience Saturday, and Gorenstein Miller and Helios earned them honestly.”
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Two companies graced Milwaukee last week: New York’s Paul Taylor Co. and Los Angeles’ Helios Dance Theater. They are as far apart in style as the miles between them but are as one in sheer excellence.”
The Shepherd Express

“Gorenstein’s is a bright, distinguished voice in dance, and Helios, a reflection of her gifts, is ready to leap into a larger spotlight.”
Los Angeles Times

“Laura Gorenstein Miller and her Helios Dance Theater have distilled the iconic Diary of Anne Frank into a powerful and gripping essence.”
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Powerful, witty and sharp-edged, Helios Dance Theater presented a knockout program of old and new works at Cal Arts.”
Los Angeles Times

“Regal, gestural work…unearthly performances of gravity-defying ballet fused with gravity-indulging contact improvisation.”
Buzz Magazine

“Motherhood issues were at once obvious and ambiguous in The Quickening, the resulting ballet…The remarkable central solo, danced powerfully by Alisha Murray, was full of downward thrusting, sinuous ripples from the shoulders through the pelvis…In retrospect – but only in retrospect – the whole of it might be taken to represent passion, birth and social duty as stages in life.”
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“A night with Helios will be a night to remember.”
The Voter

“Witnessing Laura Gorenstein’s choreography was, in turn, hallucinogenic one moment and poignant the next. It bypassed the intellect, taking us straight to the heart.”
L.A. Dance & Fitness

“Her (Gorenstein) inspiration brings to the stage many concerns women face in society, from abortion and rape to the celebration of women.”

“Talk about craft. And concept. her dances – for women, about women – suggests that she understands full well the benefits of eliminating ideas.”
LA Weekly

“…Grace seems to merge with protest. Wind-swept and well crafted, “Scratch Swallow Self,” is visually striking, with beautiful curves that break into everyday ditherings just briefly before they merge into finely balanced groupings.”
Los Angeles Times