Beautiful Monsters

A fascination with the beauty and terror of dreams has been a lifelong one for Artistic Director Laura Gorenstein Miller, who grew up in a haunted house. Beautiful Monsters investigates the boundaries between our physical capacity and our imaginative ones.



Helios Dance Theater’s extraordinary new work, The Lotus Eaters, for which we are currently in production, focuses a contemporary lens upon Homer’s classic, The Odyssey. Odysseus and his crew become stranded on the island where the lotus-eaters live.



An evening-length dance drama inspired by the text of Anne Frank’s: The Diary of a Young Girl. This project will integrate movement, music, set design, contextual sound and film to explore and celebrate Anne’s spirit of self-examination.



The Quickening

The Quickening is an evening-length suite of dances charting the landscape of women who attempt to balance it all: career, family and a vibrant awareness of change as it happens. The title refers to the sensations an expectant mother feels inside when her fetus begins to move and grow.